Welcome to Essential. We specialize in producing premium and high-end knitted sweaters, catering to clients primarily from Europe and the United States. With our expertise, we have assisted numerous designers in manufacturing a wide range of fashion knitted garments, including highly intricate and challenging styles. We take pride in nurturing their growth, as we’ve expanded from a single store to over 10 stores.

We are now extending a sincere invitation to cooperate with large corporations, small companies, and private brands. We welcome you to provide your unique design concepts, and we will assist you in creating samples and producing bulk orders. We guarantee the delivery of high-quality products. Additionally, we have established relationships with trusted yarn suppliers, offering a variety of premium yarns such as 100% cashmere, Merino wool, silk, viscose, cotton, and more. We also provide a stock color service, allowing you to purchase as little as 1kg of yarn.

At our company, we strive to deliver exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and timely production to meet your fashion needs. Join us in creating remarkable knitwear that embodies both style and quality. Contact us today to explore collaboration opportunities!