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Our prime objective is to offer high-quality fashionable knitwear/sweaters for worldwide customers. We specialize in manufacturing both fine gauge 12-16gg and coarse gauge 3-7gg.

The intarsia styles
The best yarn coming from nature

We produce the best knitwear according to your own design

The fashion details knitting

We specialist in fashionable knitwear


We specialize in manufacturing high-quality knitwear sweaters in both fine gauge 12-16gg and coarse gauge 3-7gg as well as jacquard knits and intarsia knits.


Our yarn mill provides stock color service with natural fibers of cashmere, merino wool, silk, cotton, and man-made fibers viscose, polyester, nylon…etc.

Printing and dyeing

Not only allover print, screen-print, and digital printing but also piece dye, dip dye, tie-dye…etc.

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